Gratitude and loneliness

In a news post of the Open University Netherlands, dr. Lilian Jans-Beken was briefly mentioned. We asked dr. Lilian Jans-Beken how this article came about. 

At the time that I was an assistant professor in Lifespan Psychology at the Open University Netherlands, I mentored student Esther Frinking with her master’s thesis on the association between gratitude, psychological flexibility, engaged living, and loneliness. The results we found were very interesting, so I suggested to her and the Lifespan Psychology department to submit it in an adapted form for publication in a scientific journal. Everyone agreed on this proposal and I guided her through this writing and submitting proces. The colleagues from the Lifespan Psychology department helped with the final submission phase. The article Gratitude and loneliness in adults over 40 years: examining the role of psychological flexibility and engaged living has now been published in Aging & Mental Health. Esther and I are very proud of our accomplishment! We are grateful for the opportunity and the help we have received.

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