Expert in gratitude

Gratitude, people are often pleasantly surprised when I say that I am an expert in gratitude. They then say they think there is not so much gratitude in the world anymore and that we should show much more gratitude. That is exactly what I want to achieve: more attention for gratitude! Gratitude is an emotion that is accompanied by more positive and less negative feelings. Gratitude also ensures greater involvement between people, both acquaintances and strangers. With my expertise, based on the most recent scientific literature, I try to make the world a little more beautiful.

I graduated in lifespan psychology and I have a PhD in positive psychology. The subject of my dissertation was gratitude and mental health. Since then, I continue to do research into gratitude as a researcher at the Thriving Human Science Center. Teaching and supervising is something I love and I do this for several educational organisations and private students.

I also like to reach out through the media and I share stories about positive psychology and gratitude through my blog when I have the time. Journalists reach out to me as an expert in gratitude.

My book A Search for Gratitude contains a lot of stories of people telling about their life and which role gratitude plays in it. You can buy the English e-book through the following channels:

On this website you can also get started with gratitude! You can test your level of gratitude with the Gratitude Test and sign up for 21 tips for writing a gratitude diary (only in Dutch). For the next three weeks you will receive a daily tip by e-mail that can inspire you to get started writing a gratitude diary.

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