How Gratitude Can Spark Romantic Relationships

One of my favourite articles about gratitude is written by Sarah Algoe, Shelley Gable, and Natalya Maisel (2010). They wrote about the interpersonal effects of gratitude and indebtedness in romantic relationships. The outcome was very powerful and the research setup can be used as a positive psychology intervention for couples. Gratitude and Indebtedness In a … "How Gratitude Can Spark Romantic Relationships" verder lezen ...
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Can Positive Psychology Help Suicidal Individuals?

Can positive psychology help suicidal individuals? Prevailing interventions for suicidal individuals target negative emotions, cognitions, and behaviour. Huffman et al. (2014) presented fifty two adult suicidal inpatients with nine positive psychology exercises; they wanted to know if these exercises are feasible in this specific population and useful for the outcome of the treatment. Individuals who … "Can Positive Psychology Help Suicidal Individuals?" verder lezen ...
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The value of positive emotions

Positive psychology is an emerging science, focussing on positive emotions as opposed to negative emotions. Barbara Fredrickson (2003) proposes a model to approach positive emotions that explains why positive emotions are evolved and why they benefit human-beings. The model of negative emotions suggests that negative emotions are of importance for the immediate survival. For example, … "The value of positive emotions" verder lezen ...
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Think and Thank have the same etymology

Dr. Kerry Howells TEDx talk about how to thanking awakens our thinking. Great talk! ...
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